Frontier Capital

Our Story

A Premier Partner

Frontier Capital launched in the summer of 1999 with a modest $45 million fund. We started as a small entrepreneurial firm providing growth capital to software and services companies. At the time, many of these companies were neglected by traditional private equity firms who were focused on leveraging buyouts or venture capitalists caught up in the Dot-Com Boom. Our goal was to be a premier provider of capital for these “in-between” growth companies. To achieve short term success, we believed we had to proactively source the best opportunities in our core sector while sticking to our knitting. However, Frontier Capital’s long-term success is credited to our greatest asset of all: our people.

Richard Maclean & Andrew Lindner
Managing Partners

A Different Kind of Private Equity Firm

When we founded Frontier, we wanted to create a different kind of private equity firm - one with a personality and a soul. Our founding principles were built around a concept of “performance with humility” creating a healthy culture where people genuinely love coming to work with an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust with true teamwork a norm. As founders, we recognized our complementary skill sets as well as our respective personalities and embraced these differences as a powerful advantage. We deliberately made room for the others’ strengths and this mutual respect exists throughout the entire Frontier Capital organization many years later. It is the ultimate testament of our culture.

People over Profits

A lot has changed since 1999, but our founding principles and core beliefs have remained. We maintain the belief that people come first and are the ultimate differentiator in a world of many options. This philosophy applies both to the portfolio companies with whom we partner and within the four walls of Frontier Capital. We are extremely proud of the fact that Frontier is nationally recognized as a leader in growth capital for technology companies, managing capital for some of the world’s most sophisticated investors. More than that, we are proud of the team we have assembled and the ongoing relationships we enjoy on this journey.

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