Team Work Helps Frontier Build a Home Through Habitat for Humanity

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June 12, 2015
Frontier Fun

Working together to accomplish a goal not only makes the project easier, but it also strengthens the bond of a group like nothing else. This was evident when ten of Frontier’s finest, along with a group from Bank of America, partnered with Habitat for Humanity on May 29th to help build a new home for a deserving Charlotte family.

“When we first arrived, the house looked like a simple plywood box, and it was difficult to imagine how much we could do to change that all in one day,” said Frontier’s managing partner Andrew Lindner, who personally cut and nailed down cabinet anchors for the kitchen and bathroom. “But with hammers and a bunch of nails, we went to work determined to do as much as we could to get this house ready for the family that needed it.  We were all exhausted after eight hours of hard work but, by the time we left, that plywood box had transformed dramatically, and so had our belief that we could accomplish almost anything if we worked together to do it!”

Lindner and crew – including the Bank of America team and the homeowners themselves - raised the trusses on the house and worked on the framing and insulation throughout.

Since starting in 1983, through an initiative with seven local churches, Habitat for Humanity Charlotte has helped establish affordable housing for more than 1,450 low-income families.

To volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in your area, visit

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