Getting Fit for a Cause at the Charlotte Heptathlon

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Andrew Lindner

Andrew Lindner

Managing Partner

April 11, 2019
Frontier Fun

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle often leaves us craving balance and seeking ways to find it. Finding this equilibrium is entrenched in Frontier’s values, and giving back to the community is one way to not only lead a more balanced life but to make a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it the most.  

Throughout the year, Frontier supports several local non-profits through the Frontier Capital Foundation, focusing on three primary categories: those that help people help themselves, organizations working to make a permanent impact on the lives of those with physical and mental challenges, and those that are serving society’s most vulnerable. 

To support this mission, Frontier is a sponsor of the Charlotte Heptathlon (7H), which was founded in 2015 as Charlotte’s premier athletic fundraising competition. 7H offers its participants the opportunity to get fit while giving back to those who are less fortunate in the community.


With over $600k raised for charity to date, the beneficiary of this year’s Heptathlon competition is the Family Impact Fund, which provides tuition assistance to children from low-income families for high-quality early education and childcare. By providing this resource, Family Impact Fund empowers parents to maximize employment opportunities or continue their education while providing early education opportunities for their children.

Formerly known as the Children’s Scholarship Fund, the Family Impact Fund has evolved its mission to address one of Charlotte’s biggest challenges - upward mobility. A recent national survey of the top 50 cities in America concluded that Charlotte ranks last in the country in upward mobility. Upward mobility is essentially the likelihood of pulling oneself out of poverty if one is born into it. Family Impact Fund’s vision is to position families for a lifetime of success by providing them with an opportunity to secure financial sustainability and early education opportunities for their children.

This year’s 4th annual competition takes place Saturday, May 18 at the Queens University Sports Complex - a 65-acre world-class athletic facility located at 2229 Tyvola Road in Charlotte. As its name suggests, scoring is based on seven events which include: a mile run, pull-ups (male) / chin-ups (female), vertical leap, 40-yard dash, row, and medicine ball throw.

Open to everyone, sponsors and participants include Charlotte’s financial services industry professionals and their families, including many of Frontier’s employees. Former Olympic champion, Dan O’Brien, serves on the competition committee, but there is no need to be a gold medalist to participate. Now is the time to get fit and get ready to give back! Registration is open to the first 150 registrants and all competitors are invited to join scheduled team workouts to train for the event.  If volunteering is more your speed, there are plenty of opportunities to help out on the race course and at the event stations! 

Many of us are fortunate to have access to resources and opportunity, but thousands of families in Charlotte are not so lucky.  By supporting the Charlotte Heptathlon, you level the playing field of society and give families a chance to help lift themselves out of poverty.” -Andrew Lindner

Doing something good for yourself and for those in need is just one way you can join Frontier in our quest to find balance and leave a lasting impact on the lives of those who are less fortunate.

Follow @charlotteheptathlon on Facebook for updates. 

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