Frontier’s Richard Maclean Discusses Growth Equity Strategies at the 9th Annual Southeast Venture Conference

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Richard Maclean

Richard Maclean

Managing Partner

April 09, 2015
Frontier Fun

High-growth companies poised to reach the next level of success – but not sure how to get there - are ideal candidates for growth equity, Frontier Capital managing partner Richard Maclean told attendees at the 9th Annual Southeast Venture Conference (SEVC) in Charlotte on April 1.

“We are generally looking for companies that are at this inflexion point, where the founders and existing shareholders have filtered their business from start up stage to about $15 million, and then realize how different it is to grow the business from $15 million to $30 or $40 million,” said Maclean, one of three private equity firms represented on the Growth Stage Fundraising Strategies panel.  “Many of our investments include a pretty significant amount of liquidity for these shareholders and the founding team so they can diversify a bit and bring on an experienced partner, as well as capital, that can help them with the strategy they need to get to this next level.”

SEVC showcases emerging technology firms in the southeast region, with more than 50 presenting this year, and provides them with exposure to the region's top venture capitalists and private equity investors.  In addition to participating on the panel, Frontier hosted a dinner for 40 attendees at Bentley’s on 27, an upscale restaurant that offers a panoramic skyline view of downtown Charlotte.

“SEVC is an amazing opportunity for Frontier to support the emerging hub of innovative technology in our own backyard,” Maclean added after the event. “The relationships we make and cultivate during these two days each year goes a long way towards identifying and promoting successful investment partnerships.”

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