AccessOne Patient Finance Survey: Analysis on How Healthcare Costs Impact Patient Behavior

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March 27, 2019
Thought Leadership

How does the accelerating growth of high-deductible plans affect the decisions families in the U.S. are making concerning their healthcare?

Our portfolio company* AccessOne, a leading tech-enabled financial engagement platform that helps patients manage their out-of-pocket healthcare costs, recently conducted a patient finance survey to analyze how healthcare costs impact patient behavior. The results uncovered the need for expanded and more flexible payment options for all patients.

Patient’s out-of-pocket expenses for care can be quite high and have become a deterrent in seeking medical consultation. In fact, twenty-seven percent of households with children are likely to delay care because they can’t afford it, according to this survey of nearly 700 people, each with at least a household income of $35,000.

Andrew Lindner, Partner at Frontier who is on the AccessOne deal team and is passionate about providing affordable healthcare, said, “Accessibility and affordability of healthcare are related problems that affect all of us.  Consumerization of healthcare is being fueled by unprecedented growth in high-deductible health plans.  AccessOne is playing a role in making healthcare more affordable to individuals through low-cost or zero-interest patient financing solutions and as their primary financial backers, Frontier is proud to support them in this important mission.

You can read AccessOne’s survey here.

*A complete list of our portfolio companies is available upon request.

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