Value Creation

Providing Guidance & Capital

Proven Strategies. Superior Outcomes.

As growth equity investors, we provide capital and guidance to rapidly growing businesses and entrepreneurs who seek to become industry leaders. We employ a philosophy of responsible growth and leverage a proven value creation processes to drive results.

Tackling Challenges and Identifying Opportunities

Frontier shares industry best practices and leverages unique value creation processes to help our management teams take advantage of new opportunities and avoid challenges that hinder many high-growth software and service companies.


Adding Value

Talent Go To Market Metrics Exit Preparation
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Proactive approach to expanding and enhancing a team capable of exponential growth.

Go To Market
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Go To Market

Enhancement of existing offerings and further institutionalization of sales and marketing to drive growth.

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Define key performance metrics to drive focus and accelerate growth.

Exit Preparation
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Exit Preparation

Drive targeted outreach and exposure to key industry players to raise awareness and position the company to maximize value upon exit.

“Partnering with Frontier Capital has been one of the best decisions that we have made at Their focus and expertise on creating strategies to drive profitable growth have made a very positive impact on our business. Frontier is a great partner and I highly recommend them.”

- Frost Prioleau, CEO -