True Partnership, The Frontier Way

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Haley Cheek

Haley Cheek

Vice President of Investor Relations

October 16, 2018
Thought Leadership

We’re excited to unveil a new video that we hope will give folks insight into how and why we do things a little differently at Frontier. We loved having a chance to show our people and where we do our work – but the real reason we put together the video was the chance to talk directly about why we built Frontier the way we did.

While a lot of people in our business view themselves as investors first and foremost, we’ve always seen an opportunity to be a true partner to entrepreneurs, trying to help them take their businesses from the growth stage to market leadership via a long-term relationship. As we note in the video, nothing about growing a successful business is easy and we’ve found strong relationships to be the key to sustaining a partnership through both good and challenging times.

That’s why we’ve built our team – who you see throughout the video – around core cultural values of hustle, humility and honesty. We hire talented people who are good at listening and coming up with collaborative solutions that are driven by team alignment and shared purpose.

 As Co-Founder and Managing Partner Andrew Lindner notes in the video, “We’re competitive, but not cut-throat – and there’s a difference.”

We recently posted a Q&A with Andrew on our blog in which he talks about the roots of the Frontier culture and how so much of how he and Richard Maclean built the firm was shaped by the unique circumstances at the time of Frontier’s founding almost 20 years ago.

It’s been a long journey from 1999 to today, and we’ve made changes and refined our approach as circumstances have merited – just as our entrepreneur partners do every day. We’re thrilled to have a chance to give you a glimpse of where we are today as a firm and even more fired up for the partnership opportunities that lie ahead.


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