Frontier Capital Foundation: Working as a Team to Support the Charlotte Community

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April 26, 2018
Frontier Fun

Community service is a major component of Frontier’s culture. It is not uncommon to hear one of our team members share a story of a non-profit they’re volunteering with or request sponsorship for an upcoming charity race. It is great that we support the Charlotte community on an individual basis, but if we pooled our efforts, we could make a much bigger impact on a few, select non-profits.

That’s where the idea of the Frontier Capital Foundation was conceived. Two years ago, Andrew Lindner, Managing Partner, and Jessica Warzybok, Director of Human Relations, put their heads together to figure out how best to serve the local community as a collective group and ensure employee engagement. After surveying the firm, they gathered names of non-profits and asked everyone to choose their top three - Miracle League, Foundation Fighting Blindness and Charlotte Family Housing were the initial non-profits of the Frontier Capital Foundation.

Frontier committed $25,000 to each organization over the course of five-years and has identified one or two activities each year that we could participate in as a group. We have played baseball games with children with disabilities, hosted chapter meetings for Foundation Fighting Blindness and decorated Charlotte Family Housing shelters for Christmas. Volunteering as a group outside of the day-to-day while serving others, has provided tremendous benefit – and has been a lot of fun too!

In the coming years, Frontier is looking to expand its outreach to additional Charlotte-based non-profits through an employee matching program and a grant-based application process driven by our employees. The short-term goal is to continue to actively engage with local non-profits to address challenges close to home. In the long-term, we hope to have an even greater impact on the Charlotte community and possibly expand our outreach to charities our portfolio companies support. Our hope is to make a difference in the community we call home as a team.

“Serving the Charlotte community through the Frontier Capital Foundation has been so much fun,” commented Jessica. “It is rewarding to be at the ground level of something impactful and watch it grow.”

You can learn more about the Frontier Capital Foundation here.

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