Charlotte VisionWalk 2017

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Morgan Coriale

Morgan Coriale

Executive Assistant

October 23, 2017
Frontier Fun

The Frontier family continues to come together and support Charlotte’s 11th Annual Vision walk.  On Saturday, October 14, Frontier gathered at the Kevin Loftin Riverfront Park for the Charlotte Foundation Fighting Blindness VisionWalk: A Cure is in Sight.  All donations or proceeds from this fundraiser will help researchers find treatments for retinal degenerative diseases and many others.

Before the walk started there was uplifting music to get you moving, a cameo appearance from Sir Purr, activities for children of all ages including a workshop with Home Depot, and most importantly the gathering of a community who is dedicated to supporting The Foundation Fighting Blindness

An important lesson I have learned since working at Frontier is the importance of being supportive to your colleagues and giving back to your community. 

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