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Seth Harward

Seth Harward


May 05, 2016
Frontier Fun

It’s hard to beat an upland bird hunt on an early spring day in the pristine plains of North Texas. That’s exactly where Frontier Principal, Seth Harward, found himself not too long ago, along with several friends of Frontier. Some portfolio company CEO’s, advisors, and in-market partners came together, rounding out a good group of guys and a great time spent together.

Frontier’s focus on relationships far surpasses the four walls of our office, stretching into the markets where we are actively investing, not only our capital, but our time. When you’re going full speed, running in ten different directions, it can be challenging to find the time to get out of the office and really connect with folks. But a critical component to Frontier’s success has been our ability to facilitate better alignment and strong bonds amongst our executive teams and in-market partners. Whether it’s hunting for birds or closing on another investment, it always feels good to really get to know, and spend time with, the people that you’re teaming up with to pursue a common goal.

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