A Frontier Home Run

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October 11, 2017
Frontier Fun

This past weekend, the Frontier team headed out to the Keith Family YMCA Miracle League Baseball Complex to play ball! Since 2011, the Keith Family YMCA Miracle League has been giving children with physical and cognitive disabilities a chance to step up to the plate and play the game so many love. From setting up snacks and coffee to being out on the field with the kids, Frontier had a blast participating in this event.

During the game, each player is paired with a buddy who stays with them throughout the game. There are no outs or strikes and every game ends in a tie. Our former college baseball player, Seth Harward, placed the perfect pitches for the eager batters. More than a few exciting grand slams brought people to their feet, cheering for the little slugger!

Being able to help the kids round the bases with big smiles on their face was the highlight of the day, and hearing the gratitude from the parents in the stands was heartwarming.

For more information about the Keith Family YMCA Miracle League, please contact 704-716-6700 or stop by the facility

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